Kaushal Sood

Hello! there this is kaushal sood , Currently I am persuing B.tech from Chandigarh University.

An Android enthusiast and an Android developer. Android is wide platform and fastest growing field. To know more about android technology click  https://developer.android.com/about/index.html

AndroStuff is place where you can find valuable android tutorials and videos .

You can send me feedback on kaushalsood97@gmail.com. Feedback are always appreciated.

Thank you

Happy Developing :-).



  1. nice step keep going.these material is very helpul

  2. hey, i have a problem to attach my android phone with my System for running apps .I never want to use the emulator device which android studio provide us to run apps . I have mi note 4 ….
    Can u give a valuable tutorial or reply to short out with this problem.??

  3. Is there any way to root the device without exploit the warranty ?

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