What is Android studio and Creating first android Project

Android Studio

It is an integrated Devolupment Enviornment (IDE) for Android app

development, based on IntelliJ IDEA.

To know in detail about android studio please visit https://developer.android.com/studio/intro/index.html


I hope you visited the above given link. Now Lets start by creation of project in Android studio

Step 1: Just Click on the android studio icon and open it

Step 2:  Now click on Start a new android Studio project

Step 3: Set the application name and your company domain name and keep a look on the location of your project.

Step 4: selecting the form factors and minimum SDK

One should go at least to the Android version 4.0.3(IceCreamSandwich). Avoid other options because they not required right now.

Click on next

Step 5:  Choose the empty Activity and click next.

Step 6: Set the name of main activity according to you and click next. Main activity is basically the home screen of our app or the screen which shows on clicking the app icon.

Step 7: And you are all done in creating first app.Now you will find the basic page of android studio containing Project directories and two tabs which are named as mainacticvity.java and activity_main.xml.


In further posts we will find the detailed descriptions about the different parts of android studio. Install java jdk (java development toolkt) with android studio.Here is the link to download latest version of JDK


If you find any of the problem while performing these task please tell me in comment section.


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